The aim of TRANSIt (TRANSversal key competences for lifelong learning: TraIning teachers in competence based education) is to have a positive impact on the development of students’  key competencies through building teachers capacity on competence oriented education.  To achieve this, a pilot teachers training methodology will be developed on the didactics and e-assessment of key transversal competences. The methods of the project are founded on a holistic view of students learning, personal and social development, going beyond subject boundaries and finding application in a wide spectrum of curriculum subjects. The TRANSIt approach will contribute to the development of creativity, adaptation to the rapidly changing circumstances, intercultural and multilingual competences, social development, “learning to learn” competence and an improved perception of one’s own capacity to solve problems.

The proposed project aims to add its contribution towards the improvement of the quality of competence education by improving:

a) teachers’ awareness of key competences and

b) teachers’ professional skills regarding the didactics and e-assessment of the key competences with the use of ePortfolios, supporting them to bring European and national policies into practice.

The impact of the training material will be assessed by authentic assessment methods analysing qualitative dimensions, such as the behavioural change of teachers towards the importance of competence acquisition by their students, qualitative and quantitative characteristics of user-generated content uploaded in the e-portfolios.