The main aims of TRANSIt are:

  • To perform teachers needs analysis in order to identify the obstacles in the process of introducing new approaches in teaching practice and to identify enablers that will effectively support such interventions.
  • The development of an innovative teachers training framework that a) will improve teachers’ awareness of key competences and b) to improve teachers’ professional skills regarding the didactics and e-assessment of the key competences.
  • To validate the training programme through extended cycles of school - centred work.
  • To develop a community of practice that will facilitate the sustainability of the project and its results.
  • The development of a systematic evaluation methodology in order to identify the impact of the proposed approach.
  • To constitute a common set of guidelines and recommendations that the professional development providers can use to identify, develop or evaluate learning content or teacher training programs in the didactics and assessment of competence driven education. 




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